Working from a comprehensive bibliography of books on Islam in English as of 2003 compiled by Patrick S. O'Donnell (Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy Department, Santa Barbara City College, 2003), Dr. Abou El Fadl hand-selected the following recommended books because they met the following three criteria: 1) Dr. Abou El Fadl has read the book; 2) the book exhibits a "high quality of scholarship," and 3) regardless of whether or not Dr. Abou El Fadl agrees with the views of the particular author, he considers it as "generally useful to read".

The subject categories identified and the placement of a particular book within a subject category are the work of Professor O'Donnell. To compare Dr. Abou El Fadl's picks versus the entire bibliography, go to Comprehensive Bibliography compiled by Professor O'Donnell.

Please note that this bibliography does not include books released in 2004 or beyond. We will attempt to update the recommended list to include new releases on an ongoing basis.

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