Published Articles

Published Articles
A selection of published articles by Dr. Abou El Fadl have been made available to Scholar of the House below:

The Tragedy of Great Power: The Massacre of Gaza and the Inevitable Failure of the Arab Spring (Article Included)
Islam and the Challenge of Democracy, Boston Review, April-May 2003 Issue
Part of the challenge that both Muslims and non-Muslims confront is to develop a coherent way of speaking about the differences between what we intuitively know to be the mainstream of Islam and another form of Islam that shocks and disturbs a lot of people.
Published Article: "The Language of the Age: Shari'a and Natural Justice in the Egyptian Revolution," Harvard International Law Journal, April 2011
EXCERPT: "...In short, the Egyptian Revolution marks the return to a long-rooted humanistic tradition in Islam in which religion plays a prominent role in civil society, but without suffocating and dominating it..."
The Death Penalty, Mercy and Islam: A Call for Retrospection
"The Modern Ugly and the Ugly Modern: Reclaiming the Beautiful in Islam" in the book "Progressive Muslims," edited by Omid Safi (Oxford: Oneworld Publications, 2003) pp. 33 – 77)
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