Progressive Muslims, edited by Omid Safi

Progressive Muslims, edited by Omid Safi
Developed in response to the events of September 11, this is a provocative collection of articles from fourteen prominent Muslim thinkers. They offer a timely re-assessment of Islam's relationship with the modern world, confronting the views of both fundamentalists and apologists, and tackling such topics as racism, justice, sexuality and gender. This book reveals the real challenges faced by Muslims of both sexes in contemporary society, seeing Islam as a tradition open to change and development.


Introduction (Omid Safi)

Part 1: Progressive Muslims and Contemporary Islam

1. The Ugly Modern and the Modern Ugly: Reclaiming the Beautiful in Islam (Khaled Abou El Fadl)

2. In Search of a Progressive Islamic Response to 9/11 (Farid Esack)

3. Islam: A Civilisational Project in Progress (Ahmet Karamustafa)

4. The Debts and Burdens of Critical Islam (Ebrahim Moosa)

5. On Being a Scholar of Islam: Risks and Responsibilities (Tazim R. Kassam)

Part 2: Progressive Muslims and Gender Justice

6. Transforming Feminisms: Islam, Women and Gender Justice (Sa'diyya Shaikh)

7. Progressive Muslims and Islamic Jurisprudence: The Necessity for Critical Engagement with Marriage and Divorce Laws (Kecia Ali)

8. Sexuality, Diversity and Ethics in the Agenda of Progressive Muslims (Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle)

9. Are We Up To The Challenge? The Need for a Radical Re-ordering of the Islamic Discourse on Women (Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons)

Part 3: Progressive Muslims and Pluralism

10. Muslims, Pluralism and Inter-faith Dialogue (Amir Hussein)

11. Islam, Democracy and Pluralism (Ahmad S. Moussalli)

12. American Muslim Identity: Race and Ethnicity in Progressive Islam (Amina Wadud)

13. How to put the Genie back in the Bottle? 'Identity,' Islam and Muslim Youth Cultures in America (Marcia Hermansen)

14. What is the Victory of Islam? Towards a Different Understanding of the Ummah and Political Success in the Contemporary World (Farish A. Noor)

Published by Oneworld Publications


Paperback 1-85168-316-X

Publication date: April 2003

384 Pages

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