Khaled Abou El Fadl on Marriage and Divorce, The Nine-Part Series

An original nine-part series on marriage and divorce:

Part I: Balance in Marriage; Defining the Mulk and the Malakut Marriage

Part II: The Mulk and the Malakut Marriage; The Responsibility and Development of the Individual in Marriage

Part III: Arranged Marriages; the Idea of Fate, and God's Involvement in Marriage

Part IV: Conceptions of Marriage; The Partnership of God in Marriage; and the Beating Verse

Part V: The Rights and Duties of Husbands ad Wives; Physical Violence in Marriage

Part VI: The Desirability of Marriage; the Age for Marriage; Engagement; and the Idea of Love

Part VII: Selecting a Partner; Marriage as a Test; The Marriage Contract; Conditions of Marriage; Polygamy

Part VIII: Nature of the Marriage Contract; The Importance of Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Partner; and The Spiritual Dynamics of Divorce

Part IX: Divorce and Subjugation

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