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LATEST BOOK BY DR. ABOU EL FADL: "Reasoning with God: Reclaiming Shari'ah in the Modern Age", available now!


In light of recent concern over Shari’ah, such as proposed laws to prohibit it in the United States and conflict over the role it should play in the new Egyptian constitution, many people are confused about the meaning of Shari‘ah in Islam and its role in the world today. In Reasoning with God, renowned Islamic scholar Khaled Abou El Fadl explains not only what Shari‘ah really means, but also the way it can revitalize and reengage contemporary Islam.

After a prologue that provides an essential overview of Shari‘ah, Abou El Fadl explores the moral trajectory of Islam in today’s world. Weaving powerful personal stories with broader global examples, he shows the ways that some interpretations of Islam today have undermined its potential in peace and love. Rather than simply outlining challenges, however, the author provides constructive suggestions about how Muslims can reengage the ethical tradition of their faith through Shari‘ah.

As the world’s second largest religion, Islam remains an important force on the global stage. Reasoning with God takes readers—both Muslim and non-Muslim—beyond superficial understandings of Shari‘ah to a deeper understanding of its meaning and potential.


The magnum opus from acclaimed scholar Khaled Abou El Fadl

Summation of a life’s work dedicated to the full-time study of Shari‘ah

Weaves compelling personal stories from the life of the author with a broader historical narrative

Author writes from within the tradition as a practicing and faithful Muslim

Introduces the basics of Shari‘ah in the Prologue, then delves much deeper

Includes previously unpublished original research about the historical development of the Wahhabi movement and its system of thought

Outlines not only challenges facing Islam today but also opportunities



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